" Fashion is the imitation of those who want to be different, from those who do not differ".
Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld defines what makes fashion so amazingly simple, which creates a compulsion for constant change in our business! In itself, fashion has no physical benefit over clothing – non-fashion clothing can still have the same functionality as a fashion.

But with fashion, consumers can satisfy their need to stand out from the crowd or align themselves with it. But this requires a constant change, creativity and risk-taking of the provider. Only the new, others have a chance to become a driving force in the fashion industry and to position themselves at a higher price.

Who wants to be successful in this business needs constant input. That’s why new collections are so important in our international showrooms and fashion shows. This is where the wheel turns, trends are discovered and shown, information is condensed and ultimately fashion is implemented commercially.

Find out and talk to our team about the new collection we have in store for you in April.

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