The commonly used term “team” in Old English meant “family” or “team.” That’s exactly what we’re all about, and we’re grateful that we’ve always strived to create a family working environment since our founding in 1987, and that The now over 25 colleagues carry out a wide range of tasks and contribute their strengths and ideas in order to satisfy our customers with the best possible service We can and can bring in everyone personally, we build on the uniqueness of people who shape our working environment with their special skills and multi-faceted character traits.This is where we would now like to give you the opportunity to get to know our team better and get a picture of all Forming departments that do their best for you
What good are the best products if they are in the warehouse and not come to the customer? Nothing. Therefore, our logistics department has a special significance. Before, during and after each order, our logistics experts are involved in every step of the process: from incoming goods to clearing to the respective storage location, order picking, shipping or customs clearance. Much is now done with the help of technical support.
What good are the best products if they stay in storage because there are no orders from customers? Nothing. Therefore, the sales field service is of particular importance to our team. As important as the colleagues are, they are so international. In the meantime, our field sales staff looks after customers personally in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Russia, UAE, Italy, Greece, France, Luxembourg and many more. These are supported by our sales management. We also work with importers in selected countries. Our collections are presented in representative showrooms and at trade shows to our customers.
Sales department
What good are great orders and orders, if the logistics knows nothing about it and the field service in day-to-day business does not get any questions answered? Nothing. Without our savvy and dedicated sales force, a vital part of our team would be missing. The internal sales office at our headquarters in Hamburg acts as an interface between our showrooms, logistics and our specialist retail customers. Every circumstance, however insignificant, is always dealt with in a competent and helpful manner.
Because at Non Stop, we know that the working climate has a significant impact on our performance and fun at work, we invest in our people, building our daily commitment to being a harmonious “family.” That’s how we achieve it Together in a very dynamic and competitive market together a lot.